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The PET/CT centre of BIONT, a. s. is the most advanced medical facility in the field of nuclear medicine in Slovakia. It has been a top PET/CT diagnostics centre since its start in 2005.

MUDr. Pavol Povinec, PhD.

MUDr. Pavol Povinec, PhD.

Head Doctor

In August 2012, the PET/CT technology was upgraded in cooperation with Dr.MAGNET s. r. o. It is now possible to perform more precise diagnostic examinations using positron radiopharmaceuticals. The cooperation is a unique and successful public-private project. BIONT, a. s. and Dr. MAGNET, s. r. o. combined the experience of top staff with the most advanced PET/CT technology available: Philips CT scanner Gemini TF 64 Time Of Flight with Ingenuity TF upgrade. The investment of Dr. MAGNET, s. r. o. into staff, advanced technology and equipment increased the number of examined patients and significantly reduced the waiting time for an examination. It also significantly reduced the radiation dose, which protects patients’ health.

The top-class equipment captures a functional and metabolic image of a patient along with an anatomical image using a CT scan with 64-layer computed tomography.

In 2012, we started routine examinations of patients with brain tumours using the radiopharmaceutical 11C-methionine. Since November 2014, the centre has used the positron radiopharmaceutical 18F-Choline to diagnose recurring prostate carcinoma.

Profile of the PET/CT centre:

  • The centre’s new generation PET/CT system increased the image quality and reduced the waiting time for an examination, while significantly reducing the radiation dose for the examined patient.
  • The coincidence SPECT/CT gamma camera GE MilleniumVG Hawkeye enables a wide range of examinations in the field of nuclear medicine.
  • PET/MR fusions-coregistrations: PET/CT modality can be connected and fused with MRI modalities scanned by another centre using a multimodal software solution.

The system is primarily used to diagnose oncological, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

  • Gemini TF 64 Time Of Flight with integrated CT scanner Brilliance 64 provides exceptional sensitivity for quick scans, a significant reduction in PET and CT radiation dose for the patient, high-resolution detection of lesions and exceptional anatomical details.
  • The system’s performance can be optimised to meet the doctor’s demands for a patient’s examination.
  • Whole body imaging with the best possible spatial resolution of 2 mm and 4D Time of Flight (pulmonary gating) provides a unique imaging of lesions and, consequently, more accurate and faster diagnostics.
  • Post-processing Extended Brilliance Workspace stations with advanced software applications greatly enhance patient diagnostics and simplify the work of the professional staff.
  • The PET/CT technology enables “low-dose” CT scans, in particular to localise and correct attenuation, which allows a significant reduction in the X-ray dose for a patient, without compromising the image quality.